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ToNI’s users have a number of opportunities available to them for training and education, listed in our calendar.

User and operator training: New users of ToNI are given training in the use of our facilities. Each researcher must obtain training to use the MRI lab and operate ToNI equipment. Access status is broken up into two categories: Level 1 Users, and Level 2 Operators. Operators are given full privileges to the facility and can access the facility with a UofT ID Fob. Level 1 Users are safety trained, but may access the center only when ToNI personnel are present or when they are accompanied by Level 2 Operators. If you wish to book a Level 1 Safety Training course, please email

User meetings: We host monthly ToNI user meetings to provide users an opportunity to get feedback on their experimental design and data analysis, as well as to discuss new research and important issues facing the neuroimaging community. Details of these meetings are displayed on the ToNI calendar above.

Coursework: Several courses will be offered by the Department of Psychology to give students and postdocs in-depth exposure to the fundamentals of MRI and fMRI, and hands-on experience with the collection and analysis of MRI data.

Workshops: Neuroimaging workshops are regularly held by the broader Toronto neuroimaging community. We will list upcoming opportunities here.