Book the Scanner

Book the Scanner 2018-06-28T13:35:34-04:00
  1. Book the scanner directly using our Calpendo online calendar

  2. Book the testing room or mock scanner:
    • These facilities have their own calendars on Calpendo online calendar and can be booked by all MR Personnel free of charge.
    • The Interview Room will be available to users prior to their session and does not require additional scheduling.
  3. Calpendo tutorials:
  4. Reminder of key booking policies:
    • A full 72 hours notice is required for cancelling a scan without charge.
    • Participant information must be inputted within 72 hours of booking the scan.
    • In any given week, a given study is allotted no more than 10 hours during working hours. This cap is lifted 72 hours prior to an unbooked slot.
    • All users wishing to book a same-day scan must call the center.
    • Thursday is dedicated to users not based at the St. George Psychology Department. Thursday slots that have not been booked will be released to all users on Monday, 72 hours prior to the given slot.
    • Scans cannot be booked more than 8 weeks in the future.
    • Our complete booking policies can be found here.